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“Race to Zero” is over!

Just a few items to share with you as we dig into this 4th quarter…

The “Race to Zero” is over. Commissions at TD Ameritrade have always been very low relative to its competitors in the industry. I’m happy to report they have now been reduced to $0.00 on all TD Ameritrade stock and ETF trades effective immediately! This is beneficial to everyone, but it is particularly beneficial to those adding regular contributions incrementally to fund Roth IRAs, Traditional IRA’s, SIMPLE IRA’s and SEP IRA’s. The race to zero is over, and investors win!

We’ve added to our team! I’m pleased to notify you that we’ve added two more investment advisors – Matt Johnson and Randall Sidener – to our Future Bright advisory team. Both are longtime friends of mine. Matt joined the firm earlier this year and brings over fourteen years of industry advisory experience along with him. He’ll continue to operate out of Detroit Lakes. Randall will join be joining in mid-October. He is an industry veteran in the mutual fund wholesaling business, having spent the last thirteen years with Integrity Viking Funds out of Minot. Randall will be joining me at our office in Moorhead.

Future Bright is stepping up to serve our business community in a unique way. As you may or may not know, the Northern Plains region is experiencing a startup company growth spurt. Up until a decade or so ago, communities like Fargo, Bismarck, Sioux Falls, St. Cloud, and Des Moines (to name a few) would lose their college graduates en masse to larger metropolitan areas. Things have changed considerably, and young people are not migrating out at nearly the rate they once were. The reason? Opportunity at home!

There is a growing business community of startup and early stage companies afoot in our great Northern Plains cities. Within these communities, there are also accredited investors who are interested in investing in homegrown talent and industries. What’s missing is the connection to bring the two sides together. After some discussion with local business leaders, Future Bright elected to step up and serve as the vetting entity for the Northern Plains Fund. Since Future Bright spends much of its time vetting market solutions for investors in public companies, we felt we could also serve those who are looking to deploy capital into private company opportunities. We have a team assembled and qualified to do it, and we look forward to serving this niche, in addition to our core investment management clients.

Thank you for your continued support of Future Bright and our services. We hope you have a great finish to the year!

Ross Almlie“Race to Zero” is over!

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