January 2024

Let’s get on with it, 2024

2024 Q1 Market Commentary…

The market finished off Quarter 4 of 2023 on a welcomed high note. Stocks and bonds got a significant lift from the talk of disinflation and potential interest rate cuts in 2024. The most overused term in finance – “soft landing” – is still the hope of investors going into the new year.

Speaking of the new year, I saw the perfect meme to describe, perhaps, the collective feeling of every American heading into 2024. It is a picture of a tiger laying in the grass enjoying a deep sleep until into the picture enters a man who sneaks up on the tiger ready to finger flick its tail. The caption reads, “Let’s get on with it, 2024.” Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Managing assets through a macroeconomic lens should always garner the most attention, but there is a penchant from investors to try to predict market moves through the lens of politics in presidential election years. We hear the questions repeatedly on financial news networks day after day heading up to election day.

Future BrightLet’s get on with it, 2024
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